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We would like to take this opportunity to thank the team at Orbit for all the hard work on the BIBA’s website – www.thebibas.co.uk

From our first meeting Orbit were extremely professional....

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Babs Murphy
Chief Executive
North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce
North and Western Lancashire - Chamber of commerce
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Frequently asked questions

Are search engines really that important?

Search engines should be seen as a key tool in bringing new visitors and potential customers to your website. Recent Survey's indicated that 82% of Internet users use search engines to find web sites. Another recent report also stated that 46% of people found web sites through the search engines, by far the top method of any other way of attracting visitors to your website.

Are some search engines more important than others?

In measurable terms, Google is the most important search engine to get listed in. MSN, especially in the UK, is also a vital place to try for high search engine positioning, as is Yahoo. Orbit's clients have access to regularly updated search engine news and statistics. We concentrate our search engine promotion energies on the most popular search engines that account for over 90% of all search traffic.

Are UK search engines different from US ones?

Most UK versions of search engines filter results slightly differently from their .com parents to weight web sites with a UK domain (.co.uk) more favourably. They may also favour .com domains which are hosted in the UK, or are linked to mainly by UK sites. Some search engines, particularly directories, maintain a separate database. However, most data is common across the board, such as the Google database which is used by many US and UK portals alike.

At Orbit we research which markets are most important to the client and build our search engine promotion campaign around their desired demographic.

What are keywords and how important are they in search engine promotion?

'Keyword' is the search term that a user may enter at a search engine. For example, someone who wants to find a site that sells computers, might enter 'computer keyboard' at a search engine. Of course, there are many different combinations of keywords which users could enter (for example, 'computer keyboard', or 'computer accessories'). Collecting these keywords into a list forms the basis of any search engine promotion campaign.

It is important that keywords are properly researched and understood - too vague a keyword will probably result in next to no useful traffic. For example, using 'keyboard' as a keyword is self defeating - imagine how many different web sites sell 'keyboards' of one kind or another. Research shows that users are generally becoming more specific with the keywords they enter (for example, "wireless computer keyboard').

The important point in generating a list of keywords to promote is to make sure that they are specific enough to create targeted traffic, and general enough to be actually searched upon. At Orbit we use powerful, professional research tools and experience to generate targeted, traffic generating keyword lists.

What is a ‘Pay-Per-Click' campaign?

Where optimisation can take months before the results are evident, PPC is almost instant. Top 3 listings can be achieved in a matter of days and the cost is entirely dependent on the number of visitors to the site.

The cost depends on how much “the competition” are willing to pay for a Top 3 Position in the search engines. It does not cost a penny to get the position – a charge is only incurred when a potential customer clicks on your link.

Simply speaking a PPC can in effect guarantee top positions in all of the top 4 search engines (Google, Yahoo, MSN and AOL) Depending on your market, it can be a surprisingly effective way of driving traffic to the site for a fraction of the cost of other methods.

Good listings in these engines are becoming increasingly important to a successful search engine marketing campaign since many of the most popular search engines include pay-per-click results in their 'Sponsored listings' sections.

At Orbit we have extensive experience in managing 'Pay-Per-Click' listings for our clients and can advise on where to concentrate your efforts in order to maximise ROI.

Why do some sites rank higher than others in search engine positioning results?

Search engines use very complex, top secret algorithms to determine which pages best match a search query. This involves looking at 'on-page' factors, such as Meta Tags and text optimisation - it also involves looking at 'off-page' factors, such as link popularity. Generally speaking, web sites that have undertaken some form of search engine positioning rank higher in the search engines results listings.

What keywords should I choose for my search engine promotion?

It is highly important to choose the keywords that you think your potential audience may use to try and find you. These should be relevant to the content of the site — after all, a potential customer who has found your site after searching for “golfing holidays” would obviously like to find some information on this subject.

The keywords should also be as specific as possible. Our experience has shown that people are using more targeted phrases to search. For example “golf holidays Spain” will have a much shorter list of relevant results than “holidays”. While a good listing for the term “holidays” may deliver millions of hits, if you are in the business of selling golfing holidays to Spain (and not dealing with thousands of irrelevant customer enquiries!), then these will be wasted.

What is search engine optimisation?

Search engine optimisation, (optimization in the US) or SEO is the generic term for making sure your site is optimised to appear as one of the top ranking web sites on a search portal. The term search engine optimisation refers to the art of ranking websites highly at the major search engines by controlling on-page and off-page elements and influences. In "plain speak" - making your site successful on the search engine's results pages without pay-per-click placement.

Simple changes to a badly designed page/site can bring massive benefits. Just a change to the title and any headers on the page can result in a huge improvement with the search engines - resulting in increased traffic and increased business. Other helpful changes include:

  • Adding more content to the site
  • Gaining inbound links from other sites and directories
  • Ensuring your keyphrases are in the body text - in the right places the correct number of times
  • Effective use of internal link structure
  • Reducing the file size of pages
  • Validating the code to industry standards

In the increasingly competitive marketplace that the Internet has become, search engine optimisation has become a necessity, not an option - and if implemented correctly, optimisation of your web pages is the cheapest form of advertising in the world today.

What's the difference between a directory and an index?

Directories (such as Open Directory) use human editors to compile lists of web sites which are presented in a categorised format. Indices (such as Google) are databases of pages that are automatically collected from the web by 'spiders' and automatically processed.

Both directories and indices are usually, for the sake of ease, considered as 'search engines'. There are benefits and disadvantages to both methods. Generally, directories hold good quality, informative sites while indices often contain many 'spam' pages - however, indices usually contain many more individual pages (and potentially more information) than directories.

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